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Off the Wall

Enhance your room with warm diffuse light and set the mood with touch-sensitive dimming.  The CLOUDLINE lamp by LIVDIN is simple to wall-mount, and takes up no floor space.  Pleasing illumination in an equally pleasing package. Advertisements

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Living Photos

We’ve all taken photos out of focus.  Now with Lytro‘s new light field camera, you don’t have to worry about it.  Take the picture, focus later!  And turn heads with its sleek minimilist design.

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Where There’s Smoke There’s Electricity

Is this NASA’s new Mars probe?  Kinda looks like it, but it’s made for Earth.  Do you enjoy camping, but can’t live without your phone?  BioLite may be able to help.  Feast your eyes on this uncanny backwoods apparatus!  Combining … Continue reading

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The Nature of Things

Jesse and Jessica of Nervous System have a good (and fun) thing going.  They’ve taken their interest in nature and design, and parlayed it into a growing business.  They design fashion accessories and houseware items by writing computer algorithms that model natural … Continue reading

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Table for four… I mean eight!

Ever throw a dinner party when a few unexpected guests show up?  Not really?  Well, if it’s happened to you, this is your table!  These bespoke tables by DB Fletcher Design ( delight in their expandability.  Like time-lapse photography of a … Continue reading

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Watch your iPod Nano!

I came across this great design on Kickstarter… beautiful watch bands into which you can integrate your iPod Nano!  Turn your Nano into a touch-screen watch.  Very sleek and designed by Scott Wilson at MINIMAL.  Check them out at!

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