Off the Wall

Enhance your room with warm diffuse light and set the mood with touch-sensitive dimming.  The CLOUDLINE lamp by LIVDIN is simple to wall-mount, and takes up no floor space.  Pleasing illumination in an equally pleasing package.

Cloudline LampCloudline LampCloudline Lamp

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I love design with a sense of humor, and this lamp by bitplay INC takes the cake!

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Living Photos

We’ve all taken photos out of focus.  Now with Lytro‘s new light field camera, you don’t have to worry about it.  Take the picture, focus later!  And turn heads with its sleek minimilist design.

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Where There’s Smoke There’s Electricity

Is this NASA’s new Mars probe?  Kinda looks like it, but it’s made for Earth.  Do you enjoy camping, but can’t live without your phone?  BioLite may be able to help.  Feast your eyes on this uncanny backwoods apparatus!  Combining two of man’s most basic needs – the need to burn stuff and talk on the phone – BioLite is indispensable for roughing it in style.  Charge your phone while toasting marshmallows.  BioLite brings us one step closer to Mr. Fusion.

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The Nature of Things

Jesse and Jessica of Nervous System have a good (and fun) thing going.  They’ve taken their interest in nature and design, and parlayed it into a growing business.  They design fashion accessories and houseware items by writing computer algorithms that model natural processes… not your typical, run-of-the-mill design process.  Using rapid prototyping techniques, they manufacture their products in metal and plastic.  The cuff I purchased for my girlfriend was beautifully intricate and quite unique!

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New Yorkers are used to living in boxes.  Shoe boxes to be more specific.  But these custom prefabricated homes by Resolution: 4 Architecture are anything but.  Each modular box is factory-built and assembled on site, shortening construction time and improving the quality of the construction.  On a cost per square foot basis, Res4 homes are situated slightly higher than those of a traditional home builder, but below most custom-built homes.  The actual cost of a Res4 prefab home belies their meticulous design and quality finishes.  Res4 offers the best of both worlds, providing an excellent ROI in a modern custom home.

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Social Station

If you live in New York City or other dense urban envionment, you know space comes at a premium.  Apartments are tiny, pushing domestic and social activities into the public realm.  Social Station offers a place for both domestic gathering and social interaction in a public setting.

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